Face Splash

Face Splash cover image

Caught naked in his girlfriend’s kitchen, can Dave explain to her and her roommates that he is not a pervert? Can he escape with his dignity intact? Can he just leave? But Alexis, the new roommate, wants to have some fun at his expense and she’s not going to let him go until he’s shown the girls everything he has got to offer.

From a midnight visit to the loo, to watching TV while Julie, his girlfriend, is in the next room, Alexis teases and seduces Dave again and again. 

Soon Dave finds himself torn between his loving girlfriend and her hot roommate. 

But is there more going on than he realizes?

Is Alexis trying to take Dave away from Julie, or take Julie away from Dave?

Or does she have something else altogether more fun in mind?

New Adult Erotic Comedy

Over ninety pages of hot teasing fun. At times humorous, at times sensual but always wickedly sexy, this story takes our characters on a journey of sexual discovery that ends with the most unique threesome you have ever read!

Please note: Face Splash is a racy Erotic Romantic Comedy novella that contains explicit depictions of sexual activity by consenting adults, and is for adults only. It is a standalone story with no cliffhangers.






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