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  • Neighbor Shenanigans

    Neighbor Shenanigans

    Today Stephen is looking for a repeat of the fun he had with Izzy at Karl’s house. But Izzy is not home However the neighbors on the other side give him everything he was hoping for, and then some more! Note: This short story contains scenes of FFM, bisexual and CFNM adult activity.

  • Poolside Shenanigans

    Poolside Shenanigans

    After the events in the previous book Izzy is looking for more adventures.  One afternoon she spies the boy next door and his hot friends fooling around in his swimming pool and decides to join them for some fun. But will Izzy play it cool? Or is she in for another wild ride? Note: This […]

  • Sleepover Shenanigans

    Sleepover Shenanigans

    Ava, Emma and Izzy are three BFFs who have known each other since high school. Their plan is to have a weekend long sleepover at Ava’s house. But Ava’s roommate is also home. Will having to share the house with a guy put a fly in the girl’s ointment? Or he will add a sparkle […]

  • Face Splash

    Face Splash

    Caught naked in his girlfriend’s kitchen, can Dave explain to her and her roommates that he is not a pervert? Can he escape with his dignity intact? Can he just leave? But Alexis, the new roommate, wants to have some fun at his expense and she’s not going to let him go until he’s shown […]