Molly and her Mistress – Scene 1

Mistress’s hand comes down hard on Molly’s upturned buttock.
Molly jerks as pain shoots through her, but her tight bondage leaves her little room to move.
Mistress pauses for a moment, admiring the bright pink hand print forming on Molly’s pale skin.
Molly shivers in anticipation. She has been waiting, naked and restrained, for so long and the smack has come unexpectedly, catching her completely off guard. But she knows another will be delivered any time now.
Mistress raises her hand high once more and brings it down, hard, on Molly’s other cheek.
The impact races through Molly’s body forcing a yelp from her mouth.
Mistress pauses, not at all pleased. Slowly she steps back towards Molly’s head and leans down to whisper into her ear. “Will I have to gag you?”
Molly clamps her lips tightly closed and shakes her head in a definite “No”. Her blond hair flying from side to side.
“Are you sure?” Mistress’ bright red lips barely move, her breath is hot against Molly’s chilled ear.
Molly nods her head in a vigorous “Yes”.
“OK, then. We shall continue without any more interruption,” Mistress straightens up. The click of her stilettos echo in the bare basement as she walks back to her position beside and sightly behind Molly.
Molly shivers once more.
Mistress smiles sweetly at the man who stands, transfixed, at the bottom of the stairs on the other side of the basement. She turns back to Molly and without any further interruptions delivers a rapid series of hard smacks onto Molly’s waiting buttocks.
The man had been surprised when the tall, dark haired woman had talked to him in the bar. He had been even more surprised when she had invited him home with her, “To have sex”. He had been in such a state of shock entering her house that he had not even noticed when she had led him down into the basement, rather than upstairs to a bedroom. But as he had reached the bottom of the basement stairs he had just stopped, frozen in his tracks by the sight of the naked girl bent over the table.

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