Time, Habits and Being Prolific at One Handed Writers blog

My bi-weekly blog post is live at the One Handed Writers Blog. Wherein I write about my “100 Days to success” at being the most prolific genre fiction writer that I can sustainably become.

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  1. I read the post on one handed writers, but I figure there’s more chance that you’ll see it here. I just wanted to say that you’re doing the right thing. I took a similar journey myself, and I wanted to offer a little advice.

    Some 10 months ago, I was a writer who could easily get an uninterrupted hour of writing time. In that hour, I’d generally struggle and push out some 1000 words. I wasn’t satisfied with that, nor with how it felt. It felt like I was straining the words out. Like what I was writing was crap. It wasn’t, but we all judge our own work harshly.

    I decided to do something about it, though. Like you are now. So I looked into what other writers were doing, and I remembered having heard that we humans can only concentrate on 1 thing for so long. That lead me to adopting a technique of 25 minutes writing, 5 minutes of break. Repeat for as long as you have time to write.

    That bumped me up to some 1500-1800 words/hour. Even though I was spending less time actually writing. Standing up from the PC twice an hour to think, to look out the window, to get some coffee, whatever. It helped. It let my mind relax.

    Cue more writing and practice, I eventually realized that with an outline, I wrote even better. I knew where I was going, so I didn’t have to wonder exactly what I’d be doing when writing. Now, I can hit 2100 words/hour. I can write several hours a day, and take Sundays off for the same reason you mentioned taking days off.

    The point isn’t the specific wordcount, it’s looking at what helps you write. Getting the time is one thing, using it well is another. I hope this helped in some way. Have a good one.

    • Lance says:

      Thanks for the comment, either here or on One Handed Writers is fine.
      I too find that writing in short bursts works well for me. I might sit down for 45 minutes or an hour and write five or six hundred words. But when I analyze my actual writing I usually find that I’ve typed four hundred of those words in the last fifteen minutes. So what I am trying to do is have more fifteen minute busts of writing four hundred words and less half hours staring at the wall.

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