Seducing a Girl – Excerpt

“Let’s seduce her,” Justine said with a twinkle in her eye.
I choked on my drink.
Justine smiled, lightly patting me on the back as I coughed and spluttered for a few seconds.
“Sorry?” I finally managed to gasp, not sure quite sure if I had heard her correctly.
“I think we should seduce her,” Justine nodded at the girl sitting alone in the middle of the couch.
I had made the mistake of taking another swig of my beer and started to choke again.
“Is that drink too strong for you?” Justine teased.
I looked ruefully at the bottle of light beer in my hand and thought that I’d be needing something a lot stronger to keep up with my new girlfriend.
It was only our first date, but already I was thinking of Justine as my girlfriend. Nerdy guys like me do that when a beautiful girl goes on a date with them.
I caught my breath. “What do you mean by ‘seduce her’?”
“I mean lets go have sex with her.”
I nearly choked again even though I had not taken another drink.
Justine smiled at the expression on my face and said, “Come on, it’ll be fun.”
She turned and walked towards the girl on the couch.
Now, I had been feeling conspicuous enough at having gate crashed a complete strangers birthday party. Standing there beside Justine, drinking a bottle of beer she had snagged from a table, I could feel everybody’s eyes burning into the back of my head. I was expecting, well hoping for, a quick drink with Justine and then leaving the party before we were told to “get lost”. Hoping to get my date with Justine back on track, back to the general plan I had started the night with. But Justine had just taken over and took the date in the direction she wanted. First by gate crashing this party. And now by wanting to interact with these people.
Well, I guess, that is what one does at a party, interact with people I mean, not gate crash.
Now I am never the “life and soul” of a party. I am not naturally inclined to approach complete strangers and start conversations with them. Normally at any party I go to I would stand in a corner talking computers with my friends. But at this party everybody was a stranger. And now the only person I even vaguely knew had walked away and sat down beside one of these strangers, who happened also to be a beautiful girl.
I stood for a moment looking at Justine as she started chatting to the girl. Then started to feel even more conspicuous standing alone. I figured I had no choice but to follow her.
“This is John,” Justine smiled at me as I took the third seat on the couch.
The girl barely glanced in my direction as I sat down. She just sat there looking completely cool, or maybe completely bored? I can never tell the difference.
It was a roomy three-seater couch and, even though I was sitting on one side of her and Justine on the other, it did not feel as if we were crowding the girl.
Justine said something general about pop music and the girl half nodded, half shrugged in response.
I took a quick glance around and discovered that nobody in the room was staring at us. Everyone was just sitting and standing in small groups, holding drinks and having conversations. Just like any other party. The three of us sitting on the couch did not, in fact, stand out like sore thumbs.
So maybe, I thought, as I relaxed a little, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea for us to gate crash this party after all.
Well, to be honest, it had been Justine’s idea to gate crash the party in the first place.
We had been walking down the street, heading towards a local restaurant where I had booked a table, and we had heard thumping music coming out of a house. As we drew closer we had seen that a party was in full swing. People started singing “Happy Birthday to Barry” as we came up to the house.
Justine’s face had lit up. “Sounds like they’re having fun.”
“It sure does,” I’d replied.
After the “Happy Birthday” the pop beats of a latest hits compilation resumed echoing through the night.
We drew level with the front of the house.
“Let’s go in,” Justine stopped and pushed open the front gate.
“Go in?” I had walked past the gate and turned to look back at Justine.
“Go into the party,” Justine gestured at the house.
“But,” I was dumbfounded, “we don’t know who’s party it is.”
“It’s Barry’s birthday party, silly.”
“But we don’t have an invitation,” I could see that I was not about to change her mind.
“Now you are being silly,” Justine smiled and started towards the front door. “You don’t need an invitation to join a party that’s in full swing.”
“You don’t?” I just stood and watched as she skipped gayly up the garden path.
She rang the doorbell and banged the frosted glass panel beside the door. At first there was no response and I thought “lucky escape” nobody can hear the doorbell with the loud music playing. But Justine had rung the doorbell again and banged a little harder on the glass panel.
I thought that I had better get up there and pull her away before someone does come to answer. I had booked a table at this little, and expensive, Chinese restaurant. I was hoping that the award winning food would impress Justine on our first date. That and a few drinks at this nice little pub afterwards, and trying to maintain a romantic atmosphere, and trying not to make a fool of myself with my inept conversation. That had been my game plan.
Banging on the door of a complete strangers house had not been part of the plan.
I was just about to take her shoulder and try to get her away from the door when a man wearing a silly paper hat and holding a drink in his hand opened it.
“Hi, is this Barry’s birthday party?” Justine smiled sweetly, a sweet smile I was to find out, again and again, that no red blooded male in his right mind could say no to.
“Err, Yes,” the man answered.
“See, Honey,” Justine turned to me. “I told you I knew the way here.” And she smiled again at the man as she walked past him into the house.
The man looked at me. I smiled back weakly for a moment. Then stuck my hand out. “John,” I said.
“Barry,” he replied.
“Oh,” I let my hand drop.
“Come on in, John,” Justine called form inside the house.
I blushed and looked at the floor as I walked past the man.
So that is how I ended up sitting on a couch, in the middle of a stranger’s birthday party, chatting with two beautiful girls.
Now normally I’m not the type of guy who gets to chat to even one beautiful girl at a party. Normally I am found standing in a corner talking “tech stuff” with a few of my friends. So it was a novel experience to be chatting with two beautiful girls.
Well to be honest Justine was doing most of the chatting; talking about fashions and movies and the even the weather.
At first the girl was a little reserved; giving short answers to Justine’s conversional gambits and even, at one point, she had sat forward on the couch, as if she were preparing to stand up. But Justine had kept chatting away and soon the girl had relaxed, sitting back into the couch and half turning towards Justine as she entered fully into the conversation with her.
OK at this point I should be completely honest and admit that Justine was doing all the talking. My sole input into the entire conversation had been a short nod and an embarrassed smile as I had sat down beside the girl.
However that did give me plenty of time to look at the girl, who’s attention was now focused entirely on Justine.
She had black, curly hair; cut short but still long enough to frame her face.
I never saw her stand, but I don’t think she could have been much taller than Justine, who was a good five or six inches shorter than my 5’7″(and a half).
She wore an orange, scoop neck, t-shirt that stopped an inch or so above her short denim skirt. She had nice, tight abs, and a cute dimple of a belly button just peeking out above the waist band of her skirt, who’s pleats arrayed themselves across the top halves of her trim thighs. Shiny knee length boots sheathed her calves and feet, completing her outfit.
She was siting with her leg crossed away from me and held her drink with both hands in her lap.
She was definitely the type of girl I would never get to talk to, or even sit beside in any normal situation. Definitely, as my friends would say, out of my league. But then so was Justine, of that I was in no doubt.
Actually, when it came to Justine I was not only out of my league, I was completely out of my depth as well.
I took a gulp of my beer and shuddered. I am not a big beer drinker to begin with, I’d much rather a nice glass of wine. And this “light beer”, low in alcohol and calories, was also very low in taste. By now I was at the point where I felt like I needed some “dutch courage” and this light beer was not doing that job very well either.
I looked past the girl to Justine who, after all, I was on a date with.
Her left leg was crossed high on her right thigh causing her short skirt to ride up, exposing nearly all her leg. Unlike the girl Justine made no attempt to pull her skirt down. I knew that the way she was sitting, half turned towards the girl, would ensure that the entire underside of her thigh would be on display to anyone who might look. A quick glance told me that a bunch of guys standing on the other side of the room were doing just that.
I love it when I see a girl in a short skirt sitting with one leg crossed over the other. On the one hand they are sitting modestly. However form the voyeuristic male’s point of view, and from the right angle, when a girl in a short skirt crossed her legs it does give you the opportunity to see up her skirt. Even if it’s just a little bit, you know men, we can make an inch into a foot no problem. Depending on the cut and length of the skirt sometimes you can see all the way up her thigh, sometimes even catch a hint of the curve of her bottom. And always there is the hope of a glimpse of her panties.
I often wonder if the girls that I look at know what thoughts are going on in my mind. Are they doing it deliberately to entice? Or is all completely innocent on their part?
But Justine was making no attempt to pull her skirt down over her thighs. Was she just unaware of her exposure, or was she doing it deliberately?
Were the guys standing in the corner asking themselves if that same question? They continued their conversation, but they kept looking over at her. One at a time. As if they were taking turns to look and report back what they had seen. Were they boasting about how far up her leg they could see? Were they hoping to catch a sneak peek at her panties?
I gulped some beer. I knew that Justine was not wearing any panties tonight.
It was one of the first things she told me, right at the start of our date. A thought occurred to me, maybe she never wears panties. My heart jumped and I felt a stirring in my groin.
Though, to be perfectly honest with you, I had been a least slightly aroused, and sometimes quite hard, all night long, ever since I first met Justine.
Then I thought, Well how do I know she has no panties on? I mean, it is not like I got to make a close examination. Maybe she told me she was panty-less just to tease me.
Yes, that must be it, I thought. Otherwise she would pull her skirt further down her thigh. After all it is one thing to be casual about showing of your panties, it is quite another to be causal about showing off when you are panty-less.
At least in normal circumstances.
But then, I realized, I was not in a normal circumstance. At least it was not normal for me. I was not in the habit of gate crashing parties and chatting to beautiful girls.
I looked at Justine and the girl as they chatted and suddenly realized that Justine was flirting with the girl. I don’t mean a casual “I want to be your friend” flirt. I mean a serious, sexual flirt. The kind of flirt that means “I want to get into bed with you.”
I felt like I was in a movie when they do that strange visual effect of bringing the camera in close while zooming out the lens at the same so that it looks like the bottom has fallen out of the character’s world. I was definitely “not in Kansas anymore”. And my stomach felt as if I was falling down a very deep rabbit hole.
I blinked, hard, to get myself fully awake. I looked to double check what Justine and the girl were doing.
They were definitely getting very intimate; sitting turned in to face each other, their bodies almost touching. Justine’s hand rested on the girl’s forearm, her fingers softly caressing the girl’s tanned skin.
The girl put her hand on top of Justine’s, her fingers slowly teasing the back of Justine’s hand.
They were just chatting about some movie star. There was nothing romantic, or intimate about the words they were using. A casual listener would not notice anything except two girls chatting at a party. But to look at them; at the way they looked into each other’s eyes; the way they sat, turned in towards each other; the the way their hands touched; you could tell something more seductive was happening.
Or then again, I thought, maybe it’s just my over active imagination.
Yes that must be it, I thought. Justine can not really be trying to seduce this girl.
I was just letting my over active imagination run away with me.
I have, like most men, always had my fantasies about lesbians and I have watched many lesbian porn movies. As even a casual examination of my computer hard drive will attest, it is my favourite porn genre. And I definitely had an interest in Justine, and this girl was very beautiful. So I was simply adding two plus two and getting five.
In reality I was simply sitting beside two girls as they chatted with each other at a party. There was nothing more to it than that. They were not really chatting each other up.
However I could not get the idea out of my head. My mind started to fill with all sorts of fantasies. The fact that Justine was my girlfriend and we are on our first date completely left my mind, or maybe it just enhanced my fantasy, what man does not want his girlfriend to bring home another girl to share with him?
I shook my head to clear my mind. But the thought would not leave me alone.
They could not really be seducing each other? Could they?
“Will you kiss my boyfriend?” Justine asked the girl.

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