Face Splash – Part 1

I have decided to sell this book excursively through amazon, so I have to take down the excerpt that used to be here.
If you are a member of amazon prime you can borrow this through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Libary.
Also you can borrow this title if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited.

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New Banner

Now that I have a few more books published I guess I should get around to updating the banner image across the top of my blog.

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Face Splash – Complete Published

My latest book “Face Splash – Complete” is now live

Caught naked in his girlfriend Julie’s kitchen, can Dave explain to her roommates that he is not a pervert? Can he escape with his dignity intact? Can he just leave? But Emma, the new roommate, wants to have some fun at his expense and she’s not going to let him go until he’s shown the girls everything he has got to offer.
From a midnight visit to the loo, to watching TV while Julie, his girlfriend, is in the next room, Emma has her “wicked way” with Dave again and again.
And Dave finds himself torn between his girlfriend and her roommate. But is there more going on than he realizes?

CFNM and teasing fun that leads to a threesome with pegging action from the erotic pen of Lance Greencastle.

Buy it now from Amazon(UK, DE) for your Kindle or kindle app.

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Sexy Music Video – Blurred Lines (Unrated Version)

I wonder why this was the fastest selling download of all time.

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Finishing and Writers Block

My bi-weekly blog post is now live on the one handed writers blog.
This week I explore Finishing stories.

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