I’ve Gone all iPhone

About six weeks ago I was out of contract with my then current mobile phone service so I looked around and found another network was offering iPhone 3’s for €9 when you signed up for a 24 month contract. As the monthly price and the number of minuets and texts were the same I signed up and of course rather than take an iPhone 3 for €9 I opted for a new iPhone 4 for €69.

This is my first time using any Apple product, but I am not going to wax lyrically about having converted to apple after all these years as a windows user. To me a machine is a machine and I’ve never been in any camp in the Apple/Microsoft “debate”.

However what is new is that I now have a super fast 3Gs connection and an automatic Wi-Fi connection to my recently upgraded 20Mb fiber connection when at home. Though after a sudden change in circumstances I now find I am at home a hell of a lot more that I anticipated so I’m on the Wi-Fi connection almost all the time and I find my super fast 3Gs connection slow when I’m out and about. Considering that only 3 years ago I was on dial-up Internet access I can’t help but think how times have changed.

The other thing that is new to me is the world of app’s. I’ve found google maps and a SatNav app. that I’ve downloaded invaluable in recent weeks as I’ve traveled to areas that I’m not to familiar with. Not to mention using YouTube to showcase music app’s before I download them (and discover that I am not an undiscovered musical genius.)

What I have also found is that my writing habits have now changed. Instead of sitting down at my PC and firing up OpenOffice, I now sit down on a comfortable chair and pull out my iPhone and start “texting” away with my thumbs instead of pounding a keyboard with my fingers. It now seems strange, after only a few weeks, to write on the “big” 17″ screen of my PC.

Maybe my stories will change. Though, of course, no one will know if my stories have changed as I am starting this new blog, with a new Nome-de-Plum, and writing the type of stories that I’ve enjoyed reading, but never wrote before.

So in summary:

  • a new blog
  • a new name
  • a new work process
  • a new subject matter
  • but hopefully learning some of the mistakes I’ve made in previous incarnations to make a success this time 🙂



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