Jay in the Restroom

So I’m standing at the urinal doing my business when the first girl walks in. Now, just in case you’re a girl and you don’t know, men don’t look around when someone else walks into the restroom. It’s just a boy thing, we don’t look at each other while we are urinating. It’s like being in a elevator, you just stand there minding your own business, not looking at the other people. So it wasn’t until she stood at the urinal right beside mine that I saw she was a girl.

I think I gasped. I could feel the blood drain from my face and a knot of shocked tension form in the pit of my stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I like women. Some of my best friends are women. I just didn’t expect one to walk into the men’s restroom while I was busy urinating. Especially one as hot as this girl was. And I mean she was hot. She was a couple of inches shorted than me, with straight back hair that hung loose around her shoulders. She wore a brown sweater that was tight across her generous breasts and a black skirt with pleats. Not too short. But short enough to show how nice her legs were.

“Hi,” she said. It was just a casual greeting, like you would nod to someone you half knew as you passed them in the corridor.

I looked at her face and was lost in her gaze. She had the purest blue eyes I have ever seen, deep and rich and sensual. She smiled at me for a moment. And I forgot that I was standing at a urinal. She looked down as she caught the hem of her skirt and pulled it right up to her waist.

The first thing I noticed is that she was wearing stockings, as a good two or three inches of bare skin showed at the top of each thigh. The second thing I noticed, as my jaw hit the ground, was the big penis and balls that hung freely between her legs.

She saw me looking and smiled, kind of half shyly. “I don’t like to wear underwear,” she explained. “I find it too confining.”

I think I said “Oh”. But I’m not sure if I said anything. All I could do was look at her cock, and if ever a penis deserved to be called a cock, hers certainly did.

She held her skirt up with her left hand, took her cock in her right and pointed it at the urinal. A heavy stream of piss erupted from the head of her cock; all thick and yellow and pungent and sweet.

Another unwritten rule of male restrooms is that once you have finished you just zip up and leave. You don’t hang around looking at the other men. If you show an interest in another man’s penis you’re either going get a punch or a welcoming smile. Neither of which interest me.
But in this case I couldn’t help but stare. This hot girl stood beside me, with her skirt hiked up to her waist, peeing from a very hefty penis as her heavy balls hung loose between her legs.
For her part she seemed completely unconcerned that I was looking at her. My staring didn’t bother her one iota.

Just then the door swung open and another person walked in.

My face went even redder. I was thinking, Oh my god, some guy has just walked in and caught me staring at a cock. Except it was a girl’s cock I was staring at. It was a girl who was standing next to me. And she was a girl. Of that there was no doubt. This was not a man in drag. This was not a pre-op transsexual. This was  a beautiful girl, with smooth soft skin and a pretty face and all the right curves in all the right places. And who also happened to have a cock between her legs.

So what exactly has this guy caught me doing? I looked up to see who had walked in. And found a petite blond girl in a pink sweater walking towards me. She smiled as she saw me looking at her. All I could think was, Another girl in the boy’s restroom!

The new girl casually walked up to the row of urinals, heading straight for the one on the other side on me. I turned my head to follow her, which forced my body to turn, which meant that I ended up spinning right around on the spot and facing my urinal once more, but now with a cute girl on either side of me.

It was right about then that I realized that I still had my cock out.
Actually it was right then that I realized that I had my hard cock out.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, little Jay had decided that he wanted to party.

The blonde girl smiled shyly at me then pulled up her short skirt to reveal pink bikini briefs. Pink bikini briefs that contained a good size bulge. She pulled her briefs down and out popped another penis.

I couldn’t do anything but stare open mouthed as she started to pee.

“Hi, I’m Mandy,” she smiled at me as her pee splashed into the urinal.

I think I croaked, “Jay.”

“And I’m Nancy,” the first girl called from over my shoulder.

“Pleased to meet you both,” Mandy smiled first at me, then past me to Nancy.

I turned to at Nancy again and discovered that while she had finished peeing she had made no attempt to put her cock away. She just stood there casually holding it in the palm of her hand while she held up her skirt with her other hand. I could not take my eyes off it. A big soft sausage gripped lightly by her delicate feminine fingers with their manicured nails. With a drop of pee glistening from the tip of it’s purple head.

She tightened her grip and pulled her hand down the the base of her cock. Pulling back her foreskin. I had an image of a shell being loaded into a pump action shotgun. Her cock swelled as she push her hand back down it’s length and stayed horizontal even as she relaxed her grip, pulsing with her steady heart beat as she held it loosely in her hand.

“You look hot,” she said.

“I… I…” I had to look away but when I turned my head all I saw was Mandy standing on the other side of me with the last few drops of her urine splashing into the urinal. I looked down and saw that I was gripping my own erection. I turned even redder as both girls looked down at my erection.

“Oh, is this the place where people come to jack off?” Mandy chirped.

I think I made some kind of incoherent sound.

“That’s great, because I haven’t shot one off since teatime yesterday,” And she started to work her fingers along her penis.

I couldn’t help but stare as she worked her penis. In less than 10 seconds she was good and hard. At least eight inches long, not too thick, but nice and firm. Very solid, if you know what I mean.

“This is so hot,” Nancy said.

“Err, yes,” I think I said, looking at Nancy once more. Only to discover that her cock was now hard as well. Big and hard. It seemed at least three times the size of mine. And this on a girl who was half my size.
All I could think was, It looks like she could do some serious damage with that.

Nancy started to pull on her cock, pushing her foreskin up over the big purple head, then pulling it tight, her fingers gripping hard on the shaft as she worked her hand back and forth. I could not take my eyes off her hand as she pumped it up and down her cock, my eyes following it like I was hypnotized. Up and down, up and down, her slim fingers pressing hard into the engorged flesh.

I tore my eyes away and turned my head, but there was another girl with another cock on the other side of me as well. Mandy was holding her hand steady as her hips jerked her cock in and out of her fist. She lent her head on my shoulder, her eyes glazed and her lips slack as she panted in time to her hip’s thrusts.

I just stood there and let her rest her weight against me. My hand was still holding my cock. But even thought I was as hard as I have ever been in my entire life, I wasn’t jerking off. It just never occurred to me to do so. I was just standing there letting these two bizarre girls perform their strange acts in front of me. I don’t know if it lasted hours, minuets or seconds. Time just seemed to collapse in  on itself as I stood there while these two hot girls pumped away on their hard cocks.

Mandy started to make little yelping sounds, just like the girls do when they’re faking their orgasms in Japanese porn. Except there was nothing fake about her orgasm. She let out a gasping yelp and shot a dollop of cum onto the back of her urinal. She gasped and yelped, and gasped and yelped, and shot four more dollops of cum, keeping a nice steady rhythm to her hips and leaning her weight against my shoulder to steady herself. Then she stopped moving her hips and started rubbing her hand very, very fast up and down her cock.

“Oh,” she gasped and let another big dollop plop into the urinal. “Yes,” she sighed, still leaning against me, “I needed that.” And she stopped rubbing her cock.

“Oh fuck!” Nancy’s voice echoed against the tiles.

I looked around as Nancy held her cock with both hands and shot a long, continuous stream of cum into her urinal.

“Yessss!” Nancy hissed as her cum pooled in the bottom of the urinal. “Agh,” she grunted as a big wad of cum plopped into the urinal. She started to pump with both hands for all she was worth.







She thrush her hips forward and held her cock, squeezing as hard as she could with both hands, for one long eternity. Then went limp.

“Oh, yes,” Nancy sighed.

I just stood there and watched as the big clumps of cum slowly drained out of the bottom of Nancy’s urinal. My revelry only broken when Mandy stopped leaning against me.

“Ugh,” Mandy held up her hand. It had sticky goo strung all over her fingers. “Why do they never put any toilet paper beside the urinals?” Mandy turned and walked over to a cubicle holding her skirt up with her clean hand, her panties still bunched around the tops of her thighs.

Nancy for her own part simply let go of her softening penis and smoothed her skirt down. Seemingly oblivious to the big drop of cum that splashed onto the floor between her feel.

“Well I’ve got lectures,” she smiled at me. “See you later.”

“Hold up,” Mandy came out of the cubical smoothing down her own skirt. “I’ll walk with you for a bit.”

“OK,” Nancy looked as if she might put her arm around Mandy.

But Mandy hurries in front and pulls open the door. “Looks like it might rain later,” she walked through the door.

“Hump, maybe,” Nancy answered as she followed her out.

The door swings shut behind them. And I am left all alone. Alone with a hard-on sticking out of my jeans. I look down at my erection, not quite sure what had just happened. Unable to really take it all in just yet.

Sometime later the door opens again and I hear footsteps coming towards me. I roll my eyes, muttering, “What do they want now?” under my breath. Then I realize that they are masculine footsteps. I looked up just as a guy stood at the urinal beside mine. It was Steve, a guy from my chemistry class.

He nodded and started to unzip. Then froze, his eyes locked on my erection. Nothing happened for a long moment.

“Fucking hell, man!” Steve zipped up and hurried out.

As the door swung shut behind him I heard Steve saying, “You don’t want to go in there, Dude.”

And I know my reputation at this college had been made.

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