Lexi’s End of Year Performance

Bobby’s cock twitches as the first dollop of cum shoots into Lexi’s mouth catching Lexi completely by surprise. Lexi had not wanted to swallow Bobby’s cum. She had planed to let him shoot all over her face. She was relatively new to sex in general and blow jobs in particular so she did not know that much about it, but she did know that she did not like the taste of cum. She also knew not to stop pumping her hand and sucking his cock once Bobby had started to cum. So she diligently pumped and sucked while Bobby filled her mouth with cum.
As his softening prick slips from her lips Lexi is left in a bit of a quandary. She can’t spit it out. She knows that would be bad, very rude indeed. But she can’t swallow, she just can’t. So she finds herself spiting out his cum almost without realizing what she was doing.
“Lexi!”, her mother’s voice calls out.
Both Lexi and Bobby look up, startled.
“What on earth are you doing?”
“Well, it just…” Lexi starts to say.
“I can’t believe that you would spit Bobby’s cum onto the floor like that.”
“It’s just the taste, Mom,” Lexi tries to explain.
“I don’t care, young lady,” Lexi’s mother is furious. “As long as you live under my roof, you’ll live by my rules. Is that clear?”
“Yes, Mom,” Lexi looks down at the floor. “I’m sorry, Mom.”
“Well it’s not me you should be apologizing to, now it is?”
Lexi turns her head, but keeps her eyes down cast, “I’m sorry, Bobby.”
“Well…” Bobby starts to speak.
“Apologise properly, Lexi.”
“I’m very sorry, Bobby,” Lexi looks at the ground between Bobby’s widely spread feet. “I’m sorry for not swallowing all your cum.”
“That’s all right, Lexi,” Bobby strokes Lexi’s hair. “I don’t …”
“No it’s not all right, Bobby,” Lexi’s Mom interrupts again. “I raised my child to have good manners. And Lexi is old enough to know that if she is going to blow someone she’s going to swallow all his cum. Is that not right, young lady?”
“Yes, Mom,” Lexi continues to kneel on the floor with her head down.
“And now, Bobby, your first public blow job has been ruined,” Lexi’s Mon climbs up onto the stage.
“Well not completely ruined…” Bobby starts to say.
“And I,” Lexi’s Mon continues. “Well I have been embarrassed in front of the entire village.”
A sympathetic murmur circulates around the village hall, where every man, woman and child for a 10 mile radius has crammed inside for the senior year’s end of school talent show.
Lexi feels her pussy spasm as her mother reminds her of the audience that is watching. She can almost hear her pussy juice drip onto the floor. And she is sure that everybody in the hall can smell her arousal.
Everybody can.
“But as well as apologising I think Lexi needs to do something to make up for her misdemeanour,” Lexi’s Mom states.
“Oh, Mon,” Lexi looks up at her mother.
“Don’t you ‘Oh, Mom’ me, young lady.”
Lexi drops her eyes to the floor again.
Lexi’s Mon points to the drops of cum, “I still can’t believe that you spit his cum on the floor like that.”
“I’m sorry,” Lexi whispers.
“Well being sorry is not enough,” Lexi’s Mom shakes her head. “I think you need to make it up to him somehow.”
“Make it up to him?” Lexi’s voice is barely a whisper.
“Yes,” Lexi’s Mom pauses for a moment. “I think you need to give him your anal cherry.”
“Mom!,” Lexi’s cheeks flush bright red.
“Don’t ‘Mom’ me.”
“But, Mom,” Lexi whispers. “I’m saving that for George.”
Lexi’s Mon shakes her head slowly, “Well it’s admirable that George has gone to serve his country overseas. And it’s unfortunate that he had to go before you graduated. But he’ll just have make do with being the second boy to shoot his load into your anus.”
“Mom,” Lexi’s cunt spasms again.
“Well it’s not all bad, Lexi,” consoles her Mother. “Maybe you’ll get to take George’s cherry.”
“I don’t think so,” Lexi shakes her head. “He is in the Marines after all.”
A soft murmur of laughter circulates around the hall.
“Yes,” Lexi’s Mom smiles. “He is going to see plenty of action.”
Lexi looks glum.
“All the more reason,” her mother continues in an upbeat tone, “for you to be as active as you can while he’s away.”
Lexi sighs in exasperation.
“So up you get,” Lexi’s Mom takes hold of her arm and leads her to a conveniently placed table at the centre of the stage.
Her mother bends Lexi over the table and flicks up her skirt. The amateur stage hand flashes the spotlight across the stage a few times before getting it centred on Lexi’s naked buttocks. A murmur of appreciation runs through the hall.
Bobby’s cock stands up almost as fast as he does.
A shiver of anticipation runs through Lexi’s body as Bobby awkwardly positions himself behind her.
Lexi is sure everybody can smell her arousal.
Everybody can.

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