Giving eBooks Away – Update

So it took a week but I finally gave away my ebooks for December, but it was a bit of a struggle.
Everyone from my email list said “Yes, thanks” and took their free ebook. everyone from twitter either ignored me or said “Wow, Who are you and why do you want to give me an ebook?” Which then involved a lot of explaining, in 140 character messages, until they’d take one.
So the lesson learned is the difference in “friendship” between email subscribers and twitter followers.
Also I was thinking of doing a free give away on a regular but it is too much hassle. So I will try different marketing activities in future.
But I do hope that everyone who got their ebook enjoyed my story.

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  1. bajanpoet says:

    I’m seeking you out because you followed me on Twitter. I love what I’ve seen so far on Smashwords, and I will definitely be checking out these ebooks 🙂 you write so well 🙂 Glad to make your acquaintance.

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