Cum Shots

My buddy Jesse and I were at this party chatting to a couple of girls we’d just me. Susie, the girl I was talking to, said, “This party sucks.” I laughed and agreed with her. When she said, “My girlfriends and I are going to this bar to do tequila shots.” I thought I had lucked out. But when she added, “Do you and your buddy want to come?” I immediately said, “Yes!” Jesse’s, face lit up like it was Christmas.
So we grabbed our coats, me and Susie, Jesse and Susie’s friend, Babs, and headed out.
I really didn’t pay much attention to were we were going, but the pub must have been really close as it seemed to take almost no time to walk there. But then Susie was smiling and laughing at all my jokes so I wasn’t paying much attention to anything else except this hot girl I had my arm around. I glanced across at Jesse as we entered, he was doing just fine with Babs. And then we were at the bar and Susie was calling, “Tequila shots all round!”
A big cheer came up from the crowd that was already in the bar. I looked around and saw a sea of female faces, all smiling and cheering. I thought we must have walked in on the middle of a hen night, because the crowd was all female. Smoking hot girls every one.
The barman placed a row of shot glasses along the bar and started pouring the shots. But before I could take one Susie started unbuttoning my shirt. I good-naturedly laughed and tried to take her hands away. But she had half my buttons undone and was not going to stop.
“Hey!” I shouted over the music. “Not funny.”
“It’s not meant to be funny,” she shouted back. All my buttons were undone now and she pulled my shirt open and started to push it off my shoulders.
“Hey!” I shouted as I pulled my shirt back on.
She laughed and started to pull my shirt off my shoulders once more. I thought, What the hell is she doing? But she wasn’t going to stop until my shirt was off. I was getting weirded out, but she was laughing and seemed to think that my attempts to keep my shirt on were the funniest thing in the world.
However while I was struggling “up top” with Susie another pair of arms encircled my waist and started to unbuckle my belt. “What the…” I opened my mouth, but found Susie’s tongue pushing it’s way inside. Her arms were around my neck as she kissed me, deeply. And now other hands were pulling my shirt off. I struggled briefly, but Susie’s tongue in my mouth was too distracting.
I was topless and unable to see anything except Susie’s sparkling eyes as her tongue tickled my tonsils. But I felt the waistband of my jeans loosen and I don’t know how many hands were pulling my jeans and underwear down. Susie hugged me close and I felt cool air on my bottom and my legs. I didn’t resist as each foot was lifted in turn and then Susie broke the kiss and the whole bar full of girls cheered.
I have no idea how they got my shoes and socks off. But I was standing bare footed, and buck naked, in the bar. Surrounded by a crowd of girls who knew what they wanted to do. And seemed intent on doing it to me!
Susie’s smiling face filled my vision as many pairs of gentle hands guided me around and back. “Up you go!” Susie laughed and I was lifted up and deposited onto a table.
“What the…” I tried to ask once more. But my legs were swung one way and my body the other and with feminine hands allover my naked flesh I was laid flat across the table top.
I tried to get up, but lots of soft hands held me down. Then Susie was above me, smiling down like an angel, with a shot glass in each hand. “You’re so cute,” she said, then she knocked back a shot and leaned down to kiss me. I parted my lips and her hot tongue and the even hotter tequila filled my mouth. I struggled to swallow as her tongue probed deep, and deeper still. Just as I thought I might suffocate she pulled away and I pulled fresh air into my lungs.
But my respite was short lived for she quickly knocked back the second shot and leaned down for another hot kiss. I swallowed the burning liquid as her tongue swirled around mine. She kept probing, pushing her tongue in deep, even as I heard a ringing in my ears.
I was thinking that if I have to go now this is the way I wanted to go. Then she broke the kiss and stood up. I gasped for breath as all the girls let out a great cheer. “Who’s first,” Susie looked around at the tightly packed crowd. As all the girls shouted she knocked back another shot. She shook her head as the tequila burned its way into her stomach. Then pointed, “Brandy!”
A great cheer when up. And I tried to lift my bead to look. But Susie put her hand on my forehead and leaned down. “No peeking, naughty boy,” her breath was hot with the smell of tequila.
Something cold splashed into my bellybutton and something hard griped my erect cock. I just had time to realise that I was naked with a hard-on in front of a brunch of girls, before a cascade of red hair flipped over my stomach and warm lips slurped the liquid from my belly. Then the hand pumped twice on my cock and another cheer when up from the crowd of girls gathered around me.
“What the…” I opened my mouth, only to catch another shot of tequila as some anonymous hand with purple nail-polish emptied a glass over my face.
“Mary!” Susie called.
And as the crowd cheered another splash of liquid hit my stomach. Another set of fingers gripped my cock and another pair of lips slurped from my bellybutton. I opened my mouth to moan as the fingers pumped my cock and my balls tightened. The crowd of girls continued cheering and the hand kept pumping my cock.
Then something warm and moist descended over the tip of my cock and the cheers from the crowd doubled. “Wooa there, girlfriend!” Susie stretched over me and my cock was released. “No need to be greedy.”
All the girls cheered and Susie called out, “Zoe!” Another splash of liquid hit my stomach. Another hand gripped my cock. And another cascade of hair across my body as another set of hot lips slurped tequila from my naked skin.
Everything started to blur at this point. The two, three or four shots of tequila had worked their way into my blood stream, and combined with the beers I had drunk at the party. I was pretty buzzed, feeling warm all over and every ten seconds a new girl was slurping tequila from my belly button and pumping and sucking on my cock.
My balls were tight and I was on the edge of cumming, but each girl stopped too soon and I couldn’t push over the edge. Every time I felt the pressure building up enough force to tip me over the edge and make my cum the girl would stop. Then there would be a general mêlée of voices before Susie would call out a name and a shuffling of bodies would push the lucky girl to the front.
Then a shot of tequila would hit my belly button and an other set of fingers grip my cock. Her tongue and lips would slurp all around my stomach as her fingers worked my cock. Then her tongue would replace her fingers and my cock would had a few seconds in her mouth before she’d pull away and leave the cum boiling in my balls once more as the cycle started all over.
Closer and closer I would be brought. Only to be left high and dry over and over again, as one girl blurred into another, as my head buzzed with the Tequila and my balls churned with pent up frustration.
Then one girl didn’t stop. My cum was boiling. My cock as hard as it had ever been. My body tensed and coiled like a over wound spring. And the girl didn’t stop. Her fingers gripped the base of my cock. Her tongue slurped all over my stomach, then up and down my cock. And up and down my cock. And up and down my cock once more. The tip of my cock pushed between her hot lips and her fist pumped up and down my shaft as the cum boiled in my balls and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was over the edge and and cresting to an orgasm.
“Hey, Carly, don’t get too greedy!” a girl called.
And the girl that was doing me stopped.
I fell out of my delirium and was stone cold sober in a nanosecond. She’d stopped and I couldn’t cum. I just hung there as my orgasm almost peaked. Frozen rigid as the crowd of girls cheered and called out to each other. And out of the general noise a voice called “Susie!” And all the girls turned to look at the her while I hung in limbo.
I looked up at Susie, my mouth opened in a silent, desperate scream. She was knocking back another shot and shook her head as she swallowed down the tequila.
“Susie, Susie.” A chant started.
Susie held up her hand and tried to pick the next girl to do me. But nobody was paying any attention to her selection
“Susie, Susie!” All the girls had joined in now.
She shook her head and pointed at a girl. But nobody wanted another girl the whole crowd was calling for Susie and so she smiled, holding up her hands in acceptance, before reaching down and grabbing my cock.
An electric shock ran through my body. From my toes to the crown of my head I was alight. I felt I had enough pent up energy to power a city block. I wanted to cum!
But instead I got Susie slurping tequila from my belly button.
It was a delicious agony. The touch of her lips on my skin. The grip of her fingers on my super hard cock. The electric shock from her hair brushing my skin. And the intense pressure from the cum in my balls.
Her hand gripped my cock, squeezing tighter than I have ever had my cock squeezed before. My balls felt fuller than they had ever felt before. My whole body was coiled like a over wound spring, either about to snap, or about to explode. Or both.
But I couldn’t find my release.
It was as if the very moment before my release my orgasm had frozen. Frozen with a burning fire in my mind. Frozen with my balls boiling. Frozen with my cock as hard as steel. So hard it didn’t even pulse with the beating of my heart. Which was pounding as hard as if I were sprinting a marathon.
But there was no end to this race.
And yet the crowd cheered me on restlessly.
All the girls were pressed in around Susie’s and me. All the girls cheering and catcalling. And hollering. And calling for my climax.
“Cum! Cum! Cum!” a chant started at the back of the crowd. And spread. And grew until every girl in the bar joined in and chanted in unison, “Cum! Cum! Cum!”
Susie looked down at me as all the girls chanted, “Cum! Cum! Cum!” over and over. Her hand pumped my cock. Her gingers gripping me like a vice. Up and down, up and down, as I hung in an eternal fire of consuming passion.
“Cum! Cum! Cum!” the chant echoed around my universe.
But I just hung there, frozen in bliss.
Susie leaned down and whispered into my ear, “Cum for me baby. You know you want to.”
And I did. I wanted to cum so badly. But there were so many people looking at me. All these girls. And I just couldn’t let myself go.
All I needed to do was to relax. Just relax and let it go. Let it all go. Let it consume and obliterate me. Let the fire burn me up from the inside out. Let it all be over and done with.
But I couldn’t.
I have always had a shy bladder. I even use the cubicles in public bathrooms when I need to go. And now all these girls were looking at me and even though the cum boiled in my balls I couldn’t let go. I hung on the edge and tried to fall over, but just couldn’t let myself go.
“Another shot!” someone called and more tequila splashed across my stomach.
Susie bent down to slurp my bellybutton, her hand keeping it’s death grip on my shaft as it pumped up and down. But instead of returning to my cock once she had licked the shot from my skin she turned in the other direction and clamped her lips to mine. Her tongue pushed passed my slack lips and probed deep into my mouth.
My mind twisted around itself as our tongues intertwined. And in the intimacy of her kiss I lost all my inhibitions.
Liquid fire burned through the core of my cock. Igniting my balls and emptying my mind as wave after wave of orgasm surged through my body. I felt my brain melt. I felt cascades of fire crashed through my body. I felt disconnected from my limbs, as if they could float off in different directions and I wouldn’t care. Couldn’t care. Couldn’t feel anything ever again except for the orgasm that burned my soul.
I shot a continuous jet of fire into the air. Even as Susie’s hand kept pumping and her fingers squeezed me harder than any girl’s that I had ever felt before I heard her whisper “Cum baby! Cum!” as her lips brushed against mine. And I came as I have never cum before, a hot pool of lava splashing across my stomach. As seemingly every girl in the world cheered for me.
But eventually I was spent. And neither Susie’s kiss, one her fist on my cock, could coax anything more from me. So she stopped.
I was vaguely aware of the crowd dissipating. I was vaguely aware of feeling cold, of being naked, of being suddenly alone. I opened my eyes, but I didn’t want to move. Not now, not ever. I could just lie there for the rest of eternity.
Yes, I thought, as I smiled to myself, I’ll just lie here and I’ll be alright.

Someone threw a bar towel over me. “Hey, Buddy,” a male voice called. “Wipe yourself and get out. I need to close up.” And the bar’s door swung shut as the last echoes of the girl’s laughter disappeared into the night air.
I sat up and looked around the now empty bar. Eve the music had been switched off.
Jesse was slumped asleep in the corner, fully clothed. The only other person in the place was the barman, who was busy churning a roll of paper through his till. Susie and the girls had disappeared completely.
I was suddenly very naked and very sober.
My clothes were tossed across a table. It took a moment for me to find my feet as I stood, but I managed to stumble across to my clothes. Fumbling through my pockets I found my keys, phone and wallet, cash intact, nothing taken. I stood in a daze.
I turned to find the barman had finished with the till. He had a bunch of keys in one hand and he gestured with his thumb to the door with the other, “Out.”
I scrambled into my clothes and put my arm around Jesse, who was beginning to wake up. “Great night, mate,” he slurred, as I half carried him out of the bar.
“You have no idea,” I replied as I flagged down a taxi.

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